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As a community organization, we are happy to provide a number of services to the citizens, businesses, and organizations in the McLean area. Some of the services we provide are:

  •  Hands-Only CPR training to the community. If you have a group of interested people — whether a business, shop, community organization, school or place of worship — that would like our Volunteers to schedule a visit with our equipment to teach these life-saving skills, please use the form below to contact us.
  • Bringing the antique fire engine – “The Pirsch” – to birthday parties, parades and neighborhood events.
  • Fire safety talks for school classes and community organizations.
  • Tours of the McLean Fire StationWe kindly ask visitors not to bring any food or drink into the station.

For private special events (i.e. Old Fire Truck visit, corporate events, etc.) we are happy to accept tax-deductible donations payable to McLean Volunteer Fire Department. If you elect to do so, please contact the President at or mail the donation to:
McLean Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 291
McLean, VA 22101

    • The Hands-Only CPR class is not a certification course.
    • We are unable to rent out our training/meeting room due to the fact that the room is in regular use for fire department training and business.
    • Tour group requests for up to 20 individuals, which includes teachers/chaperones, will be granted if we have volunteers available to assist. For groups larger than 20 individuals please plan to attend our Open House as we are unable to handle large groups due to the fact that this is a working fire station.

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